Designs and develops load-bearing structural members in concrete using 3D printing technology


Mobile social app for vintage fashion


A Bitcoin Layer 2 for Smart Contracts, DeFi, NFTs

About Me

Leveraging my extensive experience from a Business Administration and MBA background at the University of Bologna, coupled with a decade in managerial roles at Ciba and companies associated with Private Equity and Venture Capital, I bring a wealth of expertise. My significant contributions at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, including launching key omnichannel services and spearheading innovative projects in the Asian market, highlight my ability to drive growth and innovation. As the founder in Silicon Valey of and an early adopter of Bitcoin in e-commerce, I have demonstrated a keen eye for digital innovation. My role as Angel Investor in succcessful Italian FashionTech firms further cements my commitment to fostering cutting-edge ventures. Investing with me offers a unique blend of proven experience, strategic foresight, and a track record of success in dynamic industries.